Evidence Of Economic Collapse Martial Law Preparations‬ (Video)

(N.Morgan) The banksters, the elite, the ones who are in control, are bit by bit, leading this country into Martial Law and an economic collapse. We’ve heard others say these things, such as Max Keiser, Gerald Celente,who have unequivocally, stated that our economy is heading for one of the biggest financial crashes history has ever seen.

On November 24,2013 Max Keiser: A few weeks ago a businessman friend of mine asked his neighbor, a retired General with deep ties into the Pentagon, “how bad is it, really (the problems with our system)?”  The General replied, “it’s worse than you think.”  This retired General thinks that they can’t keep the system going much past 2015.

The Power Elite have had this planned for many, many, years. Financial collapse, enslaving the U.S. citizens, taking the freedoms away, and imprisoning anyone who disagrees or dares speak out against them.

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